Statistical Parametric Mapping

Re-imagining biomechanical data analysis through spm1d, waveform (1D) analysis and statistics

Key collaborators:

A. Prof. Todd Pataky - Kyoto University, Japan

A. Prof. Jos Vanrenterghem - KU Leuven, Belgium

This research theme primarily focuses on the integration of statistical parametric mapping into biomechanics through the use of open-source package spm1d (, Pataky 2012). Arguably our most influential paper is Pataky et al. (2013) which introduces vector-field analysis (multivariate statistical analysis of waveforms) to biomechanics. Other technical spm1d papers address issues including non-parametric inference, regions-of-interest, EMG, and waveform homogeneity.

Other research has addressed biomechanical data analysis more broadly by demonstrating the likelihood of false positives with 0D data analysis and 1D power analysis. This work has also branched into complementary methods including Functional Data Analysis and Principal Component Analysis through collaboration with Dr. John Warmenhoven.

Mark A Robinson
Mark A Robinson
Reader of Biomechanics

Teacher, researcher, mentor, work in progress.